Warehousing Secure & Reliable

We offer our customers modern, spacious, and secure warehousing options at our hub to meet their unique needs.
Our facilities include cold rooms as well as general warehouses. We are fully equipped with forklifts (normal and clamp), hand jacks, ladders, weighing machines fitted with rollers for ease of loading and offloading, and fitted scissor jacks.
Our warehouses’ capacity is 136,000 square feet at our Centre and 45,000sq.ft at warehouses we have leased.
They are very well secured with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and a manager within the premises. We pride ourselves in having zero pilferage at our warehouses and assure our customers of security when we handle their cargo.
We also handle dangerous goods and have staff who have been well trained in DGR handling.

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